Our Design Process
Porterware uses the following design and development process to create websites.
1. Initial Customer Consultation - This consultation is usually conducted over the phone.
2. Submit Proposal* - A proposal will be submitted to the customer (includes a design draft).
3. Website Design - The site is designed and a screenshot is produced.
4. Design Signoff - Once the draft is finalized, the customer will signoff on the final design.
5. Build Site - A working website is built in our development environment (on our servers).
6. Client Testing - Once the site is complete, clients will conduct User Acceptance Testing.
7. Development Signoff - The client will signoff on the final site build.
8. Payment Due - At the sites completion, payment is due in full before the site is launched.
9. Launch - Once the client has approved the site, it is moved to the production server (host).
10. Support - 30 days of free support is included with each site. If the site is hosted by Porterware, support is always included.
* Time accrued after the proposal is accepted is billed on an hourly basis. The initial consultation and preparation of the site proposal and design drafts is FREE.
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