Products and Services
Porterware specializes in designing, developing, and hosting websites for small businesses. In addition, Porterware provides consulting, digital photography, and website redesign services.
Website Design
Porterware works closely with our clients to design websites that compliment their existing brand guidelines. In most cases, our clients have existing marketing materials, logos, and photos that Porterware use for the basis of the website's design. If the company is new or does not have any existing guidelines, Porterware will work with them to define an attractive set of design standards such as a color scheme and overall layout.
Website Development
Porterware builds websites that not only look good they also perform. Our sites load quickly, providing a positive experience for website visitors. Our sites also feature tools that aid in the collection of customer information, display product catalogs, etc. Our developers take advantage of the flexibility and strength of Microsoft .NET to build custom tools for our clients. They also leverage the scalability and high performance of Microsoft SQL Server to store and retrieve customer data.
Website Hosting and Maintenance
Porterware can handle all of a client's website needs including hosting. Once a website is designed and built, the next step is to move it to a web server that is accessible to the Internet. Most companies rely on firms specializing in data services to provide web servers for their websites. This service is referred to as hosting. As a fullservice website consulting firm, Porterware offers our customers the option of hosting their websites on our servers. Porterware goes beyond the traditional hosting service by maintaining and supporting the sites that we host. Most hosting companies only provide space for your website. If you have a problem with the code in your site, it is your responsibility. Our hosting services include the complete maintenance of your site including the troubleshooting of any problems with the code, database, or servers. It is a completely hands free service.
Internet Consulting
Porterware provides Internet Consulting Services that include all aspects of web based applications. Our consultants can advise our clients on a variety of options available related to the Internet.
Digital Photography and Imaging
Porterware offers photography and imaging services that include onsite photography (for Metro Atlanta clients), scanning of photos, enhancements of photos with PhotoShop, and custom design using your photos.
Website Redesign
Most businesses have realized the need to have a website. But, in many cases they have rushed to get on the web without taking the time and effort to design an effective website. Porterware works with these types of clients to evaluate and redesign their sites. Careful attention is used to redesign a site to compliment a customer's current marketing materials (such as brochures, logos, business cards, etc.). Porterware can also take advantage of the existing content (text, pictures, graphics) of a client's site to reduce the time and expense of a redesign.
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