Website Tools

Porterware designs and builds website specifically for small businesses. Our websites not only look good, they also offer a full range of tools. The following is a list of tools that can be included on each of our websites. These tools are only available on Porterware.

The Contact Administrator makes collecting and viewing customer information easy. It includes website forms for collecting user data such as addresses, phone numbers, etc. In addition, it automatically notifies the website owner via an email when someone has registered on the site. The email contains all of the information that the user entered. In addtion, all of the information is saved in a secure database for later use.
The Marketing Toolchest collection of email tools are our most popular. They allow website owners the ability to create a reusable email template and email it to all of the email addresses that they have collected in their own database of leads (LeadTracker). This allows are website owners to easily and quickly communicate with both existing and potential customers free of charge.
The Service Directory list the name and a detailed description for each service that your company offers on the website for visitors to read. The tool allows you create new web pages (our admin tool is as easy to use as Microsoft Word) that describe the products and services that your company offers. There is no limit to the number of pages that you can create.
The Photo Gallery tools allow you the ability to create galleries (for example: current projects, past work, great ideas) and then quickly upload pictures from you PC over the Internet. You can also manage the images on the site by making them Active (they appear on the website) or Inactive (they do not appear on the website) and you can change the gallery for a picture.
The Product Organizer allows you to create product catalogs and add products (including descriptions and pictures) to the website. Visitors to your website will have the ability to click on a catalog (links will be located in the navigation menu) and view all of the products associated to a particular catalog. All of the product information is store in a database and can be easily edited.
The Link Master is one of our most flexible tools. Website owners often require the ability to quickly and easily add links (to websites, articles, etc.) to their websites. The Link Master offers you the ability to add and edit links online including News, FAQ, and Useful Links. By adding links to your website, you are able to provide updated information and a service to your visitors.
Website owners and website users both love the Calendar Reminder tool. The Calendar Reminder allows you to send automated reminders to registered users. For example, you can send out a message in the fall reminding your customers that it is time to start planning for the holidays. You simply choose the reminders that you would like to send and the Calendar Reminder tool does the rest.
The Employee Manager allows you to manage employee information, schedule task, and track time sheets. The easy to use administration screens make scheduling a breeze.
The Job Scheduler allows you the oportunity to schedule jobs online. A website visitor is provided with an online form for work request. You will be notified via email when a work order has been submitted. At that time, you can use the administration screens to respond to the customer, schedule the job, and assign resources (assign the job to an employee or employees).
The Job Viewer is a very useful sales tool. It allows online visitors that ability to find examples of your work. It displays a description, picture, and a map for work you have done in the past. Basically it is a high tech portfolio. Once the customer views a description and picture of a project, they can view a map to the location. If they are local, they will be able to drive to the location and see your work first hand.
Newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with your customers. Our Newsletter Editor makes it easy to create a monthly newsletter and distribute it to your customers with a click on the mouse.
Our Orders and Shopping Cart tools give you the ability to add ecommerce to your website. Online visitors to your site will be able to browse available products (Product Organizer), add them to a shopping cart, and checkout. The checkout process is managed by PayPal and is a very economical option for small businesses.
We are constantly working to provide a comprehensive offering of online tools. But, it is impossible to include every tool that a business might need in a standard package. That is where our Custom Toolbox comes into play. The Custom Toolbox consist of specifically designed tools for your website. You provide us with the requirements of the tool (what you need it to do) and we will write the code to get the job done. It is just that easy.
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